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How To Make Out With A Girl In 40 Seconds Or Less – For Real

If you’ve ever seen a guy in a bar walk up to a girl he didn’t know and make out with her almost immediately, it can be a completely mind-blowing experience. It may seem like it’s magical or out of

8 Not-So-Obvious Reasons to Break Up with Someone

Often, people can sense when something is wrong in their relationship, but don’t know whether the things that are bugging them mean the relationship is coming to an end.  There are the obvious things like abuse or falling out of

Dating Apps Like Tinder Worth Trying Out

When we say “dating app,” what do you think of? The first app that likely comes to mind is Tinder. Tinder first launched in 2012 and since then, it has truly changed the way that we date. Tinder normalized “online”

Are You a Clingy Girlfriend? Get a Man’s Perspective

Many of you have probably been in a relationship with a man who started out doing all kinds of things to surprise you—things like coming up with overly dramatic date ideas or going out of his way to do something

Women Reveal What Men Do That Turns Them On

Over 3,000 women answered our anonymous survey and really opened up about what they’re looking for in a guy and how men can catch their interest. Here are some of the most revealing answers: “I love it when a man

How to Fight Online Dating Fatigue

Most people start online dating feeling enthusiastic or at the very least, willing. Then after a number of frustrations, annoyances, and disappointments the eagerness to date wears down into exhaustion, resignation, and despair. There’s no doubt that online dating can

When Should You Introduce Him to Your Friends?

It’s hard to not show your friends how excited you are about your new partner. Whether it’s your first or your ninth serious relationship, it never gets easier and you still fear the scrutiny your friends may have about the

How to Tell Someone You’re Not Interested After a Few Dates

There’s nothing worse than chatting with someone, taking a liking to them, and then realizing after three or four dates that they’re not the one. While you can get a good idea of what someone’s like during that first and