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Healthy Relationships vs Unhealthy Relationships

Every relationship has its own set of challenges, which makes it hard to tell if the challenges you face in your relationship are healthy or dysfunctional. Do you think you’re in a healthy relationship? If so, are you sure about that?

10 Online Dating Tips for Men

I’ve been online dating for a while now, and I’ve seen guys make all kinds of rookie mistakes in the process of asking me out. Like the time one guy asked for my phone number after we’d been chatting, and

11 Online Dating Profile Tips That Really Work

Creating an online dating profile can seem hard at first but it’s really all about introducing yourself to people in a way that makes them want to learn more. You may feel pressure to write a lot or to be

Date Outfit Ideas: 5 Dresses Perfect for Any Season

Anyone who has ever gone on a date knows the struggle of that What do I wear?!moment. Well, end your wardrobe wondering with these date outfit ideas centered around five dresses for your next big date night. Why start with a dress? Not

How Does Tinder Work: A Beginner’s Guide

It’s a whole new world, as far as dating goes. Back in the day, you’d head to a cafe after school with your crush, maybe split a milkshake, and then you’d be going steady. Or if you were from more

25 of the Biggest Turn Ons for Girls

You know that saying—it’s the little things that count? Well, that saying couldn’t be more true. Especially when it comes to the little things guys do that turns girls on. You might think it’s difficult to turn a woman on, but there are endless

120+ Reasons Why I Love You List

How I love thee, let me count the ways… A lot of us have heard the famous beginning to Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 43, but have we ever taken the time to count the ways we love the person we’re with?

10 Dating Red Flags to Help You Spot Mr. Wrong

Dating can be expensive; and it’s not just the money you spend. It’s about the investment of your heart, your time, and your emotional energy. And you definitely don’t want to waste another minute on the wrong person. But how