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How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

It’s the question that preempts every relationship—does she really like me? Whether you’re not ready to jump in and directly ask or you’re on that first date and trying to decipher if the vibes you feel are reciprocated, it can

How to Know if You Should Kiss on a First Date

So many dating rules are antiquated nowadays—the prototypical dinner and a movie, waiting two days to call, even the concept of a man coming to the door when he picks a woman up is considered a rare occurrence these days.

How to Date Like a New Yorker

We New Yorkers know what it’s like to compete for things. For jobs, apartments, reservations at the best restaurants, and, of course, parking. In a place where single women outnumber men by over 200,000 a gal has to play hard

6 Online Dating Tips for Women Dating Today

When I joined my first dating site a couple years ago, I felt like I was lost in a sea of unwanted attention. I didn’t know how to turn down the “sups” and “heys” in my inbox, so I just

POF Headlines for Women: How to Catch His Eye

Have you experienced this moment before? You sign up for a dating site, you put in your name, give you age and height, find a great photo. You’re on a roll and getting excited to meet people when you get

The 21 Most Important Dating Tips for Men

Text versus call, hike versus drink, ask more or fewer questions… The ins and outs of dating can be very confusing for men these days. However, many of the tried and true dating tips never change. So in an effort to help

How to Be a Better Husband: 5 Easy Ways

Even the best marriages can have their fair share of annoyances. Husbands, be real: you’ve probably heard your wife complain a little (or maybe a lot) about certain things that you do or don’t do. You might have the best

Does She Love Me? 13 Signs That She’s Falling In Love

Let’s be honest guys—most of you aren’t great at picking up on subtle hints or clues when it comes to, well, a lot things. If someone’s not being direct with you, chances are you’ll be left feeling confused. So when it comes

Introducing Zoosk Insignia, U.S. Service Member Verification to Fight Romance Scams

Social media and digital dating products have made it easier for people to communicate and meet. Zoosk has proudly been bringing people together since 2007. We run an inclusive dating community of over 40 million members—couples form on Zoosk every

8 Signs He’s Losing Interest and What to Do About It

It’s happened to a lot of us, both men and women—You thought things were going really great until, suddenly, they weren’t. So now you’re left wondering what happened. It’s hard when you start getting really excited out someone, only to have