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9 Simple Phrases Women Love to See In a Dating Profile

When it comes to online dating, writing your profile description can be one of the hardest parts. Any time you’re staring at a blank page it can be daunting, but a blank page where you’re supposed to talk about yourself? Ugh. To help you out, we asked the online dating site to look into the data from its over 40 million members to see what women really like to see in a guy’s dating profile, and pulled out a few gems to share with you here.

While you’re putting your profile together, keep these phrases in mind. Adding them to your profile may help you get more messages.

Men with the word thoughtful in their profile get up to 66% more messages than the average.

It’s good to let women know that your momma raised your right. Mention that you’re polite and get up to 21% more messages.

Are you a giving person? Let the ladies know. You can get up to 33% more messages.

Both men and women, like being with someone who really listens to what they have to say. Say you’re a listener in your profile and get up to 43% more messages.

Knight in Shining Armor
So it may sound a little cheesy, but it’s hard to resist. When a guy says he’s a knight in shining armor in his profile, he gets 67% more messages.

Bad Boy
Don’t worry bad boys, women can’t resist you either. Adding bad boy to your profile gets you 66% more messages.

If you’re involved with your community, it’s a great thing to add to your profile. You can get up to 33% more messages.

Give Back
Women love hearing that you’re involved. Men who mention that they give back in their profile get 60% more messages.

It may seem simply but mentioning that you’re a friendly guy can get you up to 12% more messages.